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English French French English
Anticyclone Anticyclonique,haute pression Anticyclonique,haute pression Anticyclone
Centre Centre Averse Shower
Cold Froid Avis de Tempete Storm warning
Continuous Continu Bane de brouillard Fogbank
Cyclonic Cyclonique Bon Good
Deep Profond Brouillard Fog
Deepening Creusement Brume Mist
Dense Dense Brume seche Haze
Depression Depression Brumeux Hazy
Dispersing Se dispersant Brumeux Misty
Extending s'etendant Bulletin meteorologique Weather report
Extensive Etendue Centre Centre
Falling En baisse Comblement Filling
Filling Comblement Conditions du temps Weather conditions
Fog Brouillard Continu Continuous
Fogbank Bane de brouillard Creusement Deepening
Front Front Creux Trough
Front, passage of Passage dun front Cyclonique Cyclonic
Good Bon Dense Dense
Haze Brume seche Depression Depression
Hazy Brumeux Dorsale Ridge
Isobar Isobare En baisse Falling
Mist Brume En hausse Rising
Misty Brumeux Eparse Scattered
Moving Se deplacant Eparses Occasional
Occasional Eparses Etendue Extensive
Occlusion Occlusion Faible Slight
Poor Mauvais Froid Cold
Pressure Pression Front Front
Quickly Rapidement Grain Squall
Ridge Dorsale Houle Swell
Rising En hausse Isobare Isobar
Scattered Eparse Lentement Slowly
Shower Averse Mauvais Poor
Sleet Neige et pluie melees Neige Snow
Slight Faible Neige et pluie melees Sleet
Slowly Lentement Occlusion Occlusion
Snow Neige Orage Thunderstorm
Squall Grain Passage dun front Front, passage of
Stationary Stationnaire Pression Pressure
Steadily Regulierement Profond Deep
Storm warning Avis de Tempete Rapidement Quickly
Swell Houle Regulierement Steadily
Thunder Tonnerre Se deplacant Moving
Thunderstorm Orage Se dispersant Dispersing
Trough Creux s'etendant Extending
Visibility Visibilite Stationnaire Stationary
Waterspout Trombe marine Temps Weather
Weather Temps Tonnerre Thunder
Weather conditions Conditions du temps Trombe marine Waterspout
Weather report Bulletin meteorologique Visibilite Visibility







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