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    Business index :

    APCE Excellent information from govt business creation agency
    CCI LR chamber of commerce (French)
    CRLR Conseil Regional Languedoc Rousillon (French)
    EAB European American Business review of Languedoc
    EDA's Economic Development Agencies in Languedoc
    EUROPA EU investment in research and innovation
    Expatriot staff Guide to recruitment of expat staff in France
    Exports Regional export office (French)
    French law Overview of current French law
    GSE GSE provides summer study programs worldwide
    IELR Info Enterprises LR (French)
    Incentives Overview of available incentives for relocation
    INSEE Official Languedoc statistical data
    Invest Sud de France Links to Invest in Languedoc Rousillon partners
    Labour law Overview of French labour law
    Business Directory in English
    Legislation Legal requirements of overseas investors setting up in France
    LRI Agency for commercial development of research projects
    Notaires English language overview of notaires services
    OSEO National innovation organisation
    Regional aid Regional Aid information (French)
    Taxation Overview of French taxation
    Business telephone directory




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