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The diversity of Languedoc offers a wide choice of possibilities for living. City or village; coast, plain or mountain; appartment or house; villa or townhouse. There are available properties of all descriptions both to buy and rent long or short term. The coast has a more equitable climate, is busy in summer, maybe deserted in winter, and is more expensive than further inland. The inland coastal plain usually has active towns with shops and markets nearby, is cheaper, with larger plots and is often calm and  peaceful. Many small villages have attractive village houses within the ancient walls, and this attracts those wishing to live in a characterful, historical home. The foothills of the mountains offer  houses, often stone built, at a lower cost than elsewhere.  The climate is wetter and colder in winter. It is possible to buy isolated houses with a lot of land for  reasonable prices.

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Ici et la immobilier is an agent covering the Vidourle valley area between Montpellier & Nimes extending North to the Cevennes

Local agent covering the area between Montpellier & Nimes, extending north into the Cevennes

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