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Markets by town



Saussines market

Markets within reach of Languedoc (Markets by day)

Town Day
Adissan Saturday General
Adissan Tuesday General
Agde Thursday General & Flowers
Agde-la-Tamarissière Thursday General (seasonal)
Aigues Mortes Sunday General
Aigues Mortes Wednesday General
Aigues Vives Monday General
Aigues Vives Saturday General
Aimargues Friday General
Aimargues Tuesday General
Aix-en Provence Daily General
Ales Monday General
Ales Saturday General
Ales Sunday General
Ales Sunday Brocante
Ales Thursday General
Ales Tuesday General
Ales Wednesday General
Alignan du Vent Saturday General
Alignan du Vent Wednesday General
Amélie-les-Bains Daily Farmers
Amélie-les-Bains Thursday General
Anduze Thursday General
Aniane Thursday General
Apt Saturday General
Aramon Wednesday General
Argelès-sur-Mer (plage) Daily Seasonal, General
Argelès-sur-Mer (village) Saturday General
Argelès-sur-Mer (village) Wednesday General
Arles Saturday General
Arles-sur-Tech Wednesday General
Aspiran Monday General
Aspiran Thursday General
Aulas Thursday General (seasonal)
Aumont-Aubrac Friday General
Autignac Friday General
Autignac Thursday General
Autignac Tuesday General
Avène Wednesday General (seasonal)
Avignon Tuesday General
Bages Friday General
Bages Tuesday General
Bagnoles sur Ceze Wednesday General
Bagnols-les-Bains Thursday General
Bagnols-sur-Cèze Saturday General
Baho Wednesday General
Baïxas Wednesday General
Balaruc Friday General
Balaruc Tuesday General
Banyuls Sunday General
Banyuls Thursday General
Barjac Friday General
Barre-des-Cévennes Saturday General (seasonal)
Bassan Friday General
Bassan Tuesday General
Beaucaire Saturday General
Beaucaire Sunday General
Beaucaire Thursday General
Beaulieu Saturday General
Beaulieu Wednesday General
Beauvoisin Thursday General
Bedarieux Monday General
Bellegarde Friday General
Bernis Saturday General
Bessan Sunday General
Bessan Tuesday General
Bessèges Thursday General
Beziers Friday Flowers
Beziers Saturday Vegetables
Beziers Sunday General
Bezouce Friday General
Bitmap Ledenon Tuesday General
Bize Minervois Wednesday General
Boisseron Friday Farm, small
Bollene Monday General
Bompas Thursday General
Bonnieux Friday General
Bouillargues Tuesday General
Boujan sur Libron Thursday General
Bram Wednesday General
Bréau-et-Salagosse Sunday General (seasonal)
Cabestany Thursday General
Caissargues Saturday General
Calvisson Sunday General
Candillargues Saturday General
Canet Daily Seasonal
Canet Thursday General
Canet Tuesday General
Canohès Thursday General
Canohès Tuesday General
Cap d'Agde Monday Seasonal
Cap d'Agde Saturday General
Cap d'Agde Tuesday Seasonal
Cap d'Agde Wednesday Seasonal
Capestang Sunday General
Capestang Wednesday General
Carcassonne Saturday General
Carcassonne Saturday General
Carcassonne Thursday General
Carcassonne Tuesday General
Carnon Saturday General
Carnon Thursday General
Carnon Tuesday General
Carpentras Friday General
Castelnau le Lez Friday General
Castelnau le Lez Saturday General
Castelnau le Lez Thursday General
Castelnau le Lez Tuesday General
Castelnau le Lez Wednesday General
Castelnaudry Monday General
Castries Friday General
Castries Tuesday General
Caunes Minervois Saturday General
Caunes Minervois Thursday General
Caunes Minervois Tuesday General
Caux Friday General
Cavaillon Friday General
Cavaillon Monday General
Cazouls les Béziers Saturday General
Cazouls les Béziers Thursday General
Cazouls les Béziers Tuesday General
Ceilhes-et-Rocozels Saturday General (seasonal)
Ceilhes-et-Rocozels Wednesday General (seasonal)
Cendras Friday General
Cendras Tuesday General
Ceret Saturday General
Cers Friday General
Cers Thursday General
Cers Tuesday General
Cessenon Saturday General
Cessenon Tuesday General
Chambon-le-Château Thursday General
Chamborigaud Sunday General
Chanac Thursday General
Châteauneuf-de-Randon Monday General
Claira Friday General
Claira Wednesday General
Claret Wednesday General, pm
Clermont l'Herault Saturday General
Clermont l'Herault Wednesday General
Codognan Tuesday General
Codolet Wednesday General
Collias Wednesday General
Collioure Sunday General
Collioure Wednesday General
Colognac Saturday General (seasonal)
Comps Thursday General
Corconne Sunday General
Cournonterral Saturday General
Cournonterral Wednesday General
Coursan Wednesday General
Creissan Friday General
Creissan Tuesday General
Cruzy Friday General
Cruzy Tuesday General
Domazan Tuesday General
Dourbies Sunday General
Elne Friday General
Elne Monday General
Elne Wednesday General
Esperaza Sunday General
Espira-de-l'Agly Monday General
Espira-de-l'Agly Thursday General
Estézargues Thursday General
Fabrezan Thursday General
Ferrals Les Corbières Friday General
Ferrals Les Corbières Tuesday General
Ferrals les Montagne Sundays Seasonal, food
Figueres Thursday General
Florac Thursday General
Florensac Saturday General
Florensac Tuesday Clothes
Fournels Wednesday General (1st & 3rd of the month)
Fourques Thursday General
Frontignan Peyrade Monday General
Frontignan Peyrade Saturday General
Frontignan Peyrade Thursday General
Gabian Friday General
Gabian Wednesday General
Gagnières Wednesday General
Gallargues le Montueux Friday General
Ganges Friday General
Ganges Tuesday General
Garons Tuesday General
Générac Friday General
Générargues Friday General
Génolhac Saturday General
Génolhac Tuesday General
Gigean Tuesday General
Gignac Saturday General
Ginestas Thursday General
Gordes Tuesday General
Goudargues Wednesday General
Grabels Thursday General
Graissesac Thursday General
Grau d'Agde Daily Seasonal, General
Grau d'Agde Thursday General
Gruissan Monday General
Gruissan Saturday General
Gruissan Wednesday General
Ille-sur-Têt Friday General
Ille-sur-Têt Wednesday General
Isle sur la Sorgue Sunday General
Isle sur la Sorgue Thursday General
Ispagnac Saturday General
Ispagnac Tuesday General
Jonquières St Vincent Friday General
Juvignac Friday General
Juvignac Wednesday General
La Bastide Thursday General
La Canorgue Tuesday General
La Grand'Combe Saturday General
La Grand'Combe Wednesday General
La Grande Motte Sunday General
La Grande Motte Thursday Seasonal, General
La Malène Monday Seasonal, General
La Salvetat-sur-Agout Thursday General
La Salvetat-sur-Agout Sunday General


Food and local produce
Lamamou les bains Tuesday General
Langogne Sunday General
Langogne Tuesday General
Lansargues Thursday General
Lansargues Tuesday General
Laroque Sunday In season
Lasalle Friday General
Lasalle Monday General
Lattes Sunday General
Lattes Tuesday Seasonal, General
Lattes Wednesday General
Laudun Sunday General
Laurens Thursday General
Le Barcares beach Sunday Seasonal, General
Le Barcares beach Thursday Seasonal, General
Le Barcares beach Tuesday Seasonal, General
Le Barcares town Friday General
Le Barcares town Monday General
Le Barcares town Wednesday General
Le Bleymard Saturday General
Le Boulou Thursday General
Le Cailar Friday General
Le Caylar en Larzac Sunday General
Le Chastel-Nouvel Sunday General
Le Collet-de-Dèze Tuesday General
Le Cres Friday Antiques
Le Cres Saturday Antiques
Le Cres Sunday Antiques
Le Grau du Roi Friday General
Le Grau du Roi Monday General
Le Grau du Roi Saturday General
Le Grau du Roi Thursday General
Le Grau du Roi Tuesday General
Le Grau du Roi Wednesday General
Le Pont-de-Montvert Wednesday General (seasonal)
Le Puech Friday General
Le Puech Monday General
Le Puech Wednesday General
Le Rozier Tuesday General
Le Rozier Friday General
Le Soler Monday General
Le Soler Saturday General
Le Soler Tuesday General
Le Triadou Sunday General
Le Triadou Sunday General
Le Vigan Saturday General
Ledenon Tuesday General
Ledignan Wednesday General
Les Mages Wednesday General
Lespignan Friday General
Lespignan Monday General
Lespignan Wednesday General
Leucate Plage Saturday Seasonal, General
Leucate Plage Wednesday Seasonal, General
Leucate Village Friday General
Leucate Village Saturday General
Leucate Village Tuesday General
Lezignan Thursday General
Lezignan-Corbieres Wednesday General
Lieuran les Béziers Thursday General
Lieuran les Béziers Tuesday General
Limoux Friday General
Limoux Tuesday Seasonal, night
Lodeve Saturday General
Lodeve Tuesday Seasonal, night, General
Loupian Wednesday General
Lunas Friday General
Lunel Sunday General
Lunel Thursday General
Lunel Saturday Brocante
Lunel Viel Saturday General
Magalas Wednesday General
Manduel Wednesday General
Maraussan Tuesday General
Maraussan Tuesday General
Marguerittes Saturday General
Marseillan plage Friday Food and local produce
Marseillan plage Monday Food and local produce
Marseillan plage Saturday Food and local produce
Marseillan plage Thursday Food and local produce
Marseillan plage Tuesday Food and local produce
Marseillan plage Wednesday Food and local produce
Marseillan ville Tuesday General
Marsillargues Thursday General
Marsillargues Saturday Brocante
Marsillargues Tuesday General
Martignargues Saturday General
Marvejols Saturday General
Mauguio Sunday General
Mauguio Thursday General
Mauguio Tuesday General
Maureilhan Saturday General
Maureilhan Wednesday General
Mazamet Saturday General
Mazamet Sunday General, Food, seasonal
Mazamet Tuesday General
Mazan Monday General
Mazeres Thursday General
Méjannes-le-Clap Monday General (seasonal)
Mende Saturday General
Mende Wednesday General
Meynes Wednesday General
Meyrueis Friday General
Meyrueis Wednesday General
Meze Sunday General
Meze Thursday General
Meze Thursday Seasonal, night, General
Milhaud Saturday General
Millas Thursday General
Millas Tuesday General
Millau Friday General
Millau Wednesday General
Mirepoix Monday General
Mirepoix Thursday Farm food
Mireval Friday General
Mireval Tuesday General
Molières sur Cèze Friday General
Monoblet Saturday General
Mons La Trivalle Thursday In season
Montady Monday General
Montagnac Friday General
Montarnaud Friday General
Montaud Wednesday pm
Montaud Sunday General
Montblanc Friday General
Montblanc Monday General
Montblanc Wednesday General
Montfaucon Monday General
Montfrin Tuesday General
Montpellier Friday General
Montpellier Monday General
Montpellier Sunday Flea market, Mosson
Montpellier Sunday Food, Ave S Champlin
Montpellier Thursday General
Montpellier Tuesday General
Montpellier Tuesday General, pm, Mosson
Montpellier Wednesday General
Montpeyroux Thursday General
Mudaison Saturday General
Mudaison Wednesday General
Murviel-les-Beziers Saturday General
Murviel-les-Beziers Thursday General
Murviel-les-Beziers Tuesday General
Mus Friday General
Narbonne Sunday General
Narbonne Thursday General
Narbonne Tuesday 2nd hand clothes
Narbonne Wednesday General
Nimes Friday General
Nimes Monday General
Nimes Saturday General
Nimes Sunday Brocante
Nimes Thursday General
Nimes Tuesday General
Nimes Wednesday General
Nissan les Ensérune Saturday General
Nissan les Ensérune Thursday General
Nissan les Ensérune Tuesday General
Octon Thursday Seasonal, regional produce
Olargues Sunday Food
Olonzac Tuesday General
Orsan Friday General
Palau-del-Vidre Thursday General
Palau-del-Vidre Tuesday General
Palavas les Flots Friday General
Palavas les Flots Monday General
Palavas les Flots Saturday General, brocante
Palavas les Flots Sunday General
Palavas les Flots Wednesday General
Pamiers Tarascon Saturday General
Parignargues Sunday General
Paulhan Thursday General
Pérols Monday General
Perpignan Daily General
Pezenas Saturday General, am & pm
Pia Friday General
Pinet Tuesday General
Pollestres Friday General
Pollestres Monday General
Pollestres Wednesday General
Pomerols Monday General
Pomerols Thursday General
Pont du Montvert Wednesday General
Pont St Esprit Saturday General
Ponteilla Wednesday General
Port La Nouvelle Saturday General
Port La Nouvelle Wednesday General
Portiragnes Plage Friday General
Portiragnes Plage Monday General
Portiragnes Plage Sunday Seasonal, Craftwork, night
Portiragnes Plage Tuesday General
Portiragnes Plage Wednesday General
Portiragnes ville Thursday General
Port-Vendres Saturday General
Poulx Saturday General
Poussan Friday General
Poussan Tuesday General
Pouzolles Friday General
Pouzolles Wednesday General
Prades Saturday General
Prades Tuesday General
Prades le Lez Monday General
Puimisson Friday General
Puimisson Monday General
Puimisson Wednesday General
Puissalicon Friday All day market
Puissalicon Tuesday All day market
Puisserguier Friday General
Puisserguier Friday General
Puisserguier Tuesday General
Puisserguier Tuesday General
Pujaut Thursday General
Puylaurens Wednesday General
Quarante Friday General
Quarante Wednesday General
Quillan Saturday General
Quillan Wednesday General
Quissac Wednesday General
Redessan Tuesday General
Remoulins Friday General
Revel Saturday General
Rieux-Minervois Saturday General
Rieux-Minervois Thursday General
Rieux-Minervois Tuesday General
Rivesaltes Monday General
Rodhilan Wednesday General
Roquebron Friday General
Roquebron Tuesday General
Roquebrun Friday General
Roquebrun Tuesday General
Roquemaure Tuesday General
Rousson Friday General
Salasc Sunday General , Food
Saleilles Saturday General
Salses Wednesday General
Saturargues Wednesday Farm, small
Saussan Sunday General , Food
Saussan Sunday General
Saussines Tuesday Farm, small
Sauve Saturday General
Sauve Thursday General
Sauvian Friday General
Sauvian Saturday General
Sérignan Friday General
Sérignan Monday General
Sérignan Wednesday General
Servian Saturday General
Servian Thursday General
Servian Tuesday General
Sete Wednesday General
Sigean Friday General
Sigean Tuesday General
Sommieres Saturday General, brocante
Sommieres Wednesday Seasonal, night market
Sorède Friday General
Sorède Tuesday General
Soudorgues Saturday General (seasonal)
Souvignargues Friday General
Souvignargues Tuesday General
St André de Valborgne Saturday General
St Chély d'Apcher Thursday General
St Germain du Teil Friday General
St Michel d'Euzet Sunday General (seasonal)
St Privat de Vallongue Sunday General (seasonal)
St. Ambroix Tuesday General
St. André Saturday General
St. André Thursday General
St. André de Sangonis Friday General
St. André de Sangonis Tuesday General
St. Aunès Tuesday General
St. Bauzille de Putois Wednesday General
St. Bres Saturday General
St. Bres Tuesday General
St. Chaptes Thursday General
St. Chinian Sunday General
St. Chinian Sunday General
St. Chinian Thursday General
St. Chinian Thursday General
St. Christol Friday General
St. Christol les Alès Tuesday General
St. Clément de Rivière Sunday General
St. Clément de Rivière Thursday General
St. Cyprien (plage) Friday General
St. Cyprien (plage) Tuesday Seasonal, General
St. Cyprien (village) Thursday General
St. Estève Saturday General
St. Féliu-d'Avall Friday General
St. Féliu-d'Avall Monday General
St. Gely du Fesc Saturday General
St. Gely du Fesc Thursday General
St. Génies de Malgoirès Wednesday General
St. Geniès des Mourgues Wednesday General
St. Génis-des-Fontaines Friday General
St. Génis-des-Fontaines Tuesday General
St. Georges d'Orques Saturday General
St. Georges d'Orques Wednesday General
St. Gervais sur Mare Wednesday General
St. Gilles Sunday General
St. Hillaire d'Ozillan Tuesday General
St. Hippolyte de Fort Friday General
St. Hippolyte du Fort Tuesday General
St. Jean de Bueges Thursday General
St. Jean de Fos Tuesday General
St. Jean de Valeriscle Thursday General
St. Jean de Vedas Saturday General
St. Jean de Vedas Thursday General
St. Jean du Gard Tuesday General
St. Just Tuesday General
St. Just Friday General
St. Laurent d'Aigouze Friday General
St. Laurent d'Aigouze Monday General
St. Laurent des Arbres Friday General
St. Laurent-de-Cerdans Saturday General
St. Laurent-de-la-Salanque Sunday General
St. Laurent-de-la-Salanque Thursday General
St. Maries de la Mer Friday General
St. Maries de la Mer Monday General
St. Maries de la Mer Tuesday General, Brocante
St. Martin de Londres Tuesday General
St. Martin de Valgalgues Thursday General
St. Mathieu de Treviers Thursday General
St. Nazaire de Ladarez Thursday General
St. Pargoire Tuesday General
St. Pierre s/ Mer Daily Seasonal, General
St. Pierre s/ Mer Friday Seasonal, night market
St. Pierre s/ Mer Monday Seasonal, night market
St. Pons Wednesday General
St. Quentin la Poterie Friday General
St. Rémy de Provence Saturday General
St. Rémy de Provence Wednesday General
St. Thibery Tuesday General
St. Victor la Coste Monday General
Ste Croix Vallée Française Sunday General
Ste Enimie Wednesday General
Ste Enimie Saturday General
Sumène Wednesday General
Tarascon Tuesday General
Tavel Tuesday General
Thézan les Béziers Thursday General
Thézan les Béziers Tuesday General
Thuir Saturday General
Toulouges Friday General
Toulouges Tuesday General
Tourbes Wednesday General
Trouillas Friday General
Trouillas Tuesday General
Trouillas Wednesday General, no food
Uchaud Thursday General
Uzes Saturday General & flea market
Uzes Saturday Seasonal, truffles
Uzes Sunday Brocante
Uzes Wednesday Food
Vacquieres Wednesday General
Valflaunes Sunday General
Vallabrègues Monday General
Valleraugue Wednesday General
Valras plage Friday General
Valras plage Monday General
Vauvert Saturday General
Vauvert Wednesday General
Vendargues Sunday General
Vendres Friday General
Vendres Monday General
Vendres Sunday Seasonal, General
Vendres Thursday Seasonal, General
Vendres Tuesday Seasonal, General
Vendres Wednesday General
Vénéjan Thursday General
Vergèze Saturday General
Vergèze Thursday General
Vézénobres Thursday General
Vialas Friday General
Vialas Tuesday General
Vias Saturday General
Vias Wednesday General (seasonal)
Vic la Gardiole Thursday General
Villefort Thursday General
Villeneuve les Avignon Saturday General
Villeneuve les Avignon Thursday General
Villeneuve les Béziers Thursday General
Villeneuve les Béziers Saturday General
Villeneuve les Béziers Tuesday General
Villeneuve les Maguelone Friday General
Villeneuve les Maguelone Monday General
Villeneuve les Maguelone Wednesday General
Villeneuve-de-la-Raho Thursday General
Villeneuve-de-la-Rivière Friday General
Villeneuve-de-la-Rivière Wednesday General
Villeveyrac Friday General
Villeveyrac Wednesday General
Vinça Thursday General
Vinça Tuesday General

This list has been compiled from many different sources. Please Email me if you know of missing markets, changes or errors.


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