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The advent of low cost airlines, and more expensive channel crossing costs has increased the number of expat Brits wishing to buy property in Languedoc. Of course, the weather has some impact on this. At the same time our US cousins have discovered that France is not just Paris and Provence! The Languedoc property market is currently more stable than it has been over the last 5 years. Check out the menu above to find our complete Languedoc Property Guide.

Many visitors fall in love with the Languedoc area and have visions of living in a dream property.

Others go on to  buy a property in Languedoc, initially for holiday use, and often as an eventual retirement  home. Property prices in Languedoc, as everywhere, vary according to size and location. In general terms, prices are lower than in European capital cities, Paris, Provence and Cote d 'Azur, but higher than in more rural, inland locations.


If this will be a permanent home, non EU citizens need to establish how to qualify for residence, through the French consul in their native country.


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