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Via Domitia in Languedoc


Languedoc has a long and diverse history. As part of the Mediterranean basin, it has been influenced by the various civilisations in the region. This has resulted in rich and varied architecture. 
  • BC 450,000 Tautavel man lived adjacent to Languedoc in Rousillon. Traces of prehistory have been found in Languedoc
  •  BC 7500 - 1500  The remains of buildings, tombs and artifacts  indicate the development of modern civilisation
  • BC 800 Believed Etruscan settlements
  • BC 600 - 50 Establishment of Greek colonies
  • BC 560 Establishment of Phoenician settlements
  • BC 60 Commencement of Roman occupation
  • AD 300 - 500 Invasion by Alamans, Vandals and Visigoths
  • AD 476 Collapse of the Roman empire
  • AD 700 Occupation by the saracens
  • AD 865 Formation of Catalonia
  • AD 900 - 1300 Intermittent war resulting in changes of ruler. Elimination of the Cathares
  • AD 1276 Much of present Languedoc was under the rule of the king of Majorca
  • AD 1500 After a long period of war and famine the French establish control of the region
  • AD 1559 Protestant v Catholic wars ended by Edict of Nantes granting freedom of worship
  • AD 1666 Canal du Midi started
  • AD 1875 Phylloxera attacks the vines
  • AD 1962 Repatriation of North African colonists to Languedoc
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