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Answers for expats in France 

Expat foyer - answers for expats in France ...........

Expat and travel forums

About France
Alt France
Anglo Info Languedoc
Anglophone Direct
Ariege Aude Forum
Autour du Gard
Brittany Forum
British Expats
Creme de Languedoc
Expat Focus
Expat Exchange
Francophile forum
French Entree Languedoc
French Refugees
Grumpy Old Gits in France
Internet French Property
La Vie en France
Lonely Planet
Lost in France
Slow Traveller
The Anglo French Forum
Survive France Network
The Ariege Network
The France Forum
Virtual tourist
Forums are subject to rapid change. Many (including some apparently succesful ones) just vanish, whilst new ones are often being launched. We have excluded those that have been abandoned, or have no current activity. Please email us if you know of active forums that should be included here.



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