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Durfort and St Martin de Sossenac(30170)

Poppies near Durfort, Languedoc


Durfort is situated 45 mins West of Nimes, 10 minutes from Anduze and
around an hour North of Montpellier. It's situated on the main road
between St Hippolyte du Fort and Anduze (in fact well placed half way
between the two.)

If you like restaurants, it's a great place to live if you want to
live in a small village (just 540 habitants) and be able to walk to
eat of an evening. There are a fair few gites there that profit from
this. Le Ranquet is possibly the poshest restaurant in the Gard? It's
also a hotel with a helipad, offers cookery courses, and rents Llamas
and Donkeys for hiking. (perhaps better reached by car from the
village – just 2 mins drive as a walk at night would be rather dark!)

The medieval village of Durfort has been built around the chateau
which dates from the 12th century and the keep remains. If you walk
around Durfort, taking the route down the side of the church which
dates from 1685 (next to the roundabout) you'll find some stunning
cobbled side streets which are well worth exploring off the beaten
track. Durfort is just a little too far from Nimes and Montpellier to
be a commuter village, and prices reflect this.

Durfort boasts a tabac, an epicerie (with a depot de pain – bread
delivered to them, not cooked on the premises) a couple of bars and a
post office. There's also a creche and a maternelle school. In the
Summer, there's a mobile cinema that shows films in the Foyer.

Drive around to the little hamlet which attaches itself to Durfort, St
Martin de Sossenac and take a look at the chapel (attached to the
house on the virage with the blue shutters) – it's a beautiful old
ruin, with the most amazing crack going up the back of the building.
The road from Durfort, that goes towards St Nazaire des Gardies in May
has the most fabulous poppy (considered horrendous weeds here by the
farmers) fields... worth a trip for a picnic with a camera.

On this road you'll also see the Chateau de Vibrac, which 5 years ago
underwent massive renovation. It's owned by an English couple. On the
junction of this road and the Quissac/Anduze road, look back towards
Durfort and the Chateau de Vibrac towards the Cevennes. This is
without doubt in my mind, the most beautiful view in the world. No
telegraph poles, no pilons, all natural, with the blue grey mountains
in the background.

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